Ink In Bloom

Living in the striped house on the Detroit prairie. 

Putting our life onto screens to print. Our bees, trees, medicinal herbs, bike tires, shovels and big ideas.  

Using only water base inks and constantly perfecting our homemade waste-water filtering system, so we don't add to the endless abuse of water.

 Printing on organic cotton and recycled polyester whenever posssible.

 Using local (mostly our own) beeswax, growing and gathering herbs for our salve.

 Collecting roots for our tea. 

Always rethinking our place within Detroit, this inspiring city, as well as within our own garden and community. 

Growing food and children. 

Looking to the sky. 

Giving and receiving, breathing, breathing. 

We sell our hand made goods at some local stores as well as fairs and events that interest us, like beekeeping conferences. See Retail Locations.You can make purchases on this website via paypal and have the items shipped to you, or you can call us and drop by to shop at the house. 

We design for others too. To see a portfolio of various projects undertaken, see Design.   


3327 Farnsworth

Detroit. MI 48211